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The March Against Monsanto

 March Against Monsanto-poster thumbOn May 25th, 2013 people all around the globe marched against one of the world's most powerful corporations; Monsanto.

They marched to inform their communities about the dangers of genetically modified food (GMOs), the poisoning of ecosystems from toxic pesticides, the collapse of bee colonies, and the corruption of public safety regulators. This massive protest was not reported by the main-stream corporate media; a mistake that has exposed their deceitful collusion with corporations to misinform the public for profit. 

It is in response to this failure of the corporate media that this project was undertaken. 

Creation Method:

I used this list of events and visited the Facebook page of every single city. I then selected the best picture of the event and placed it alphabetically on the poster.

My criteria for "best" picture was one that captured the feel of the event and showed the largest group of people. If the event chose a group photo for their Facebook page cover it was always my first choice, but very pages few did this. For most events, I had to browse through the photos people posted and select one that met my criteria. Some events would have poor quality pictures (pics from within the march, but no outside-looking-in shots), but would have good videos. In those cases I took a screen capture from the video to use as the group shot.

Download Links:

The image on this page is understandably useless, but it is just a thumbnail for a massive poster which is 60" x 45". Each city picture is 3" x 2.1" at full scale. This file may be too much for those who do not intend to print it, so I've included several size options (click the links below to download):

FULL SIZE: 18000 x 13500 @ 199.7MB

Half Size: 9000 x 6750 @ 61.1MB

Quarter Size: 4500 x 3375 @ 8.9MB

Smallest Size: 2400 x 1800 @ 2.5MB

Source Pictures: 114MB zip file containing all 400 city pictures and 145 alternative shots

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